Nomenclature of prokaryotes (bacteria)

Nomenclature - Some papers about nomenclature


Definitions and abbreviations

Alterations to the Bacteriological Code (1990 Revision)

Genders of generic names - Three-letter code for abbreviations of generic names - Genera named after personal names - Genera named after geographical names - Genera named after mythological figures - Genera named after institutions

Latin and neo-Latin adjectives or participle adjectives used as specific or subspecific epithets (J.P. Euzéby & B.J. Tindall)

Requests for Opinions and Judicial Opinions

Conserved names of prokaryotic taxa - Rejected names of prokaryotic taxa

Minimal standards for the description of new taxa

Salmonella nomenclature

Longest and shortest prokaryotic names


Some papers about nomenclature

H.G. Trüper: Help! Latin! How to avoid the most common mistakes while giving Latin names to newly discovered prokaryotes

R.E. Buchanan: Chemical terminology and microbiological nomenclature

B.J. Tindall: Misunderstanding the Bacteriological Code

J.P. Euzéby & B.J. Tindall: Valid publication of new names or new combinations: making use of the Validation Lists

P.H.A. Sneath & Don J. Brenner: "Official" Nomenclature Lists

Papers freely available in IJSEM Online (full text in HTML format)