Family "Kuafubacteriaceae"

Name: "Kuafubacteriaceae" Li et al. 2023

Category: Family

Proposed as: fam. nov.

Etymology: Kua’fu.bac.ter.i.a.ce’ae. N.L. neut. n. Kuafubacterium, type genus of the family; L. fem. pl. n. suff. -aceae, ending to denote a family; N.L. fem. pl. n. Kuafubacteriaceae, the family of the genus Kuafubacterium

Gender: feminine

Type genus: "Kuafubacterium" Li et al. 2023

Original publication: Li L, Huang D, Hu Y, Rudling NM, Canniffe DP, Wang F, Wang Y. Globally distributed Myxococcota with photosynthesis gene clusters illuminate the origin and evolution of a potentially chimeric lifestyle. Nat Commun 2023; 14:6450.

Nomenclatural status: not validly published

Taxonomic status: preferred name (not correct name)

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Record number: 49663
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