Name: Aquiflexum Brettar et al. 2004

Category: Genus

Proposed as: gen. nov.

Etymology: A.qui.flex’um. L. fem. n. aqua, water; L. masc. perf. part. flexus, bent, winding; N.L. neut. n. Aquiflexum, to indicate the bacterium’s aquatic origin and its long flexible rods

Gender: neuter (stem: Aquiflex-)

Type species: Aquiflexum balticum Brettar et al. 2004

16S rRNA gene: Analyse FASTA

Valid publication: Brettar I, Christen R, Hofle MG. Aquiflexum balticum gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel marine bacterium of the Cytophaga-Flavobacterium-Bacteroides group isolated from surface water of the central Baltic Sea. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2004; 54:2335-2341.

IJSEM list: Euzeby JP. Notification list. Notification that new names and new combinations have appeared in volume 54, part 6 of the IJSEM. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2005; 55:551-554.

Nomenclatural status: validly published under the ICNP

Taxonomic status: correct name


Number of child taxa with a validly published and correct name: 3
Number of child taxa with a validly published name, including synonyms: 4
Total number of child taxa: 4

Parent taxon: Cyclobacteriaceae Nedashkovskaya and Ludwig 2012

Assigned by: Bhumika V, Srinivas TN, Ravinder K, Kumar PA. Mariniradius saccharolyticus gen. nov., sp. nov., a member of the family Cyclobacteriaceae isolated from marine aquaculture pond water, and emended descriptions of the genus Aquiflexum and Aquiflexum balticum. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2013; 63:2088-2094.

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