Name: "Didymococcus" Wertz et al. 2017

Category: Genus

Proposed as: gen. nov.

Etymology:’cus. Gr. masc. adj. didymos, pair; N.L. masc. n. coccus, coccus; from Gr. masc. n. kokkos, grain, seed; N.L. masc. n. Didymococcus, a coccus in pairs

Gender: masculine (stem: Didymococc-)

Type species: "Didymococcus colitermitum" Wertz et al. 2017

Original publication: Wertz JT, Kim E, Breznak JA, Schmidt TM, Rodrigues JLM. Correction for Wertz et al., "Genomic and Physiological Characterization of the Verrucomicrobia Isolate Geminisphaera colitermitum gen. nov., sp. nov., Reveals Microaerophily and Nitrogen Fixation Genes". Appl Environ Microbiol 2017; 83:0.

Nomenclatural status: not validly published

Correct name: Geminisphaera Wertz et al. 2018


Number of child taxa with a validly published and correct name: 0
Number of child taxa with a validly published name, including synonyms: 0
Total number of child taxa: 1

Parent taxon: Opitutaceae Choo et al. 2007

Assigned by: Tegtmeier D, Belitz A, Radek R, Heimerl T, Brune A. Ereboglobus luteus gen. nov. sp. nov. from cockroach guts, and new insights into the oxygen relationship of the genera Opitutus and Didymococcus (Verrucomicrobia: Opitutaceae). Syst Appl Microbiol 2018; 41:101-112.

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