Name: Phaeospirillum Imhoff et al. 1998

Category: Genus

Proposed as: gen. nov.

Etymology:’lum. Gr. masc. adj. phaios, brown; N.L. neut. dim. n. Spirillum, a bacterial genus; N.L. neut. dim. n. Phaeospirillum, brown Spirillum

Gender: neuter (stem: Phaeospirill-)

Type species: Phaeospirillum fulvum (van Niel 1944) Imhoff et al. 1998

16S rRNA gene: Analyse FASTA

Valid publication: Imhoff JF, Petri R, Suling J. Reclassification of species of the spiral-shaped phototrophic purple non-sulfur bacteria of the alpha-Proteobacteria: description of the new genera Phaeospirillum gen. nov., Rhodovibrio gen. nov., Rhodothalassium gen. nov. and Roseospira gen. nov. as well as transfer of Rhodospirillum fulvum to Phaeospirillum fulvum comb. nov., of Rhodospirillum molischianum to Phaeospirillum molischianum comb. nov., of Rhodospirillum salinarum to Rhodovibrio salexigens. Int J Syst Bacteriol 1998; 48:793-798.

IJSEM list: Anonymous. Notification list. Notification that new names and new combinations have appeared in volume 48, part 3 of the IJSB. Int J Syst Bacteriol 1998; 48:1085-1087.

Nomenclatural status: validly published under the ICNP

Taxonomic status: synonym

Correct name: Magnetospirillum Schleifer et al. 1992


Number of child taxa with a validly published and correct name: 0
Number of child taxa with a validly published name, including synonyms: 5
Total number of child taxa: 5

Parent taxon: Rhodospirillaceae Pfennig and Trüper 1971 (Approved Lists 1980)

Assigned by: Lakshmi KV, Sasikala Ch, Takaichi S, Ramana ChV. Phaeospirillum oryzae sp. nov., a spheroplast-forming, phototrophic alphaproteobacterium from a paddy soil. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2011; 61:1656-1661.

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