Name: Pseudomarimonas Weerawongwiwat et al. 2021

Category: Genus

Proposed as: gen. nov.

Etymology:’nas. Gr. masc./fem. adj. pseudês, false; N.L. fem. n. Marimonas, a bacterial genus name; N.L. fem. n. Pseudomarimonas, false Marimonas

Gender: feminine

Type species: Pseudomarimonas arenosa Weerawongwiwat et al. 2021

Valid publication: Weerawongwiwat V, Kim JH, Yoon JH, Lee JS, Sukhoom A, Kim W. Pseudomarimonas arenosa gen. nov., sp. nov. isolated from marine sand. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2021; 71:5159.

Nomenclatural status: validly published under the ICNP

Taxonomic status: correct name


Number of child taxa with a validly published and correct name: 1
Number of child taxa with a validly published name, including synonyms: 1
Total number of child taxa: 1

Parent taxon: Lysobacteraceae Christensen and Cook 1978 (Approved Lists 1980)

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Record number: 25574