Phylum "Candidatus Aigarchaeota"

Name: "Candidatus Aigarchaeota" Nunoura et al. 2011

Category: Phylum

Proposed as: Candidatus

Etymology: Gr. aigi, meaning dawn and aurora for the intermediate features of hyperthermophilic and mesophilic life during the evolution of the crenarchaeal lineage (αυγη); N.L. n. Aigarchaeota

Original publication: Nunoura T, Takaki Y, Kakuta J, Nishi S, Sugahara J, Kazama H, Chee GJ, Hattori M, Kanai A, Atomi H, et al. Insights into the evolution of Archaea and eukaryotic protein modifier systems revealed by the genome of a novel archaeal group. Nucleic Acids Res 2011; 39:3204-3223.

Nomenclatural status: not validly published

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