Longest and shortest names

General remarks

Recommendation 6 (1) of the ICNP (2008 Revision) states the following: "Avoid names or epithets that are very long or difficult to pronounce". In spite of Recommendation 6 there are some long monomials and epithets. The longest and shortest names validly published under the INCP are listed below, assorted by their taxonomic category. Epithets of species and subspecies are treated separately. Other things being equal, taxonomists are advised to propose names and epithets whose length is as close as possible to the modes (the most frequent values) of the lengths listed below for each category. See also the LPSN introductory page on forming names.


Longest: EpsilonproteobacteriaMethanonatronarchaeiaThermodesulfobacteria (21 characters)
Shortest: Bacilli (7 characters)
Average: 13.50 characters
Mode: 13 characters (lower), 13 characters (upper)


Longest: ThermodesulfobacteriaceaeThermosediminibacteraceae (25 characters)
Shortest: Orbaceae (8 characters)
Average: 16.05 characters
Mode: 16 characters (lower), 16 characters (upper)


Longest: Sphingosinithalassobacter (25 characters)
Shortest: BaiaPuia (4 characters)
Average: 12.54 characters
Mode: 13 characters (lower), 13 characters (upper)


Longest: ThermodesulfobacterialesThermosediminibacterales (24 characters)
Shortest: Orbales (7 characters)
Average: 15.06 characters
Mode: 15 characters (lower), 15 characters (upper)


Longest: Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum (43 characters)
Shortest: Baia soyae (10 characters)
Average: 22.86 characters
Mode: 23 characters (lower), 23 characters (upper)

Species epithet

Longest: Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum (26 characters)
Shortest: Cellulomonas udaLactobacillus uliOlsenella uliPseudoxanthomonas geiRhizobium geiSphingomonas gei (3 characters)
Average: 9.71 characters
Mode: 9 characters (lower), 9 characters (upper)


Longest: Anoxyphotobacteriae (19 characters)
Shortest: AcidimicrobidaeCoriobacteridaeRubrobacteridae (15 characters)
Average: 16.29 characters
Mode: 15 characters (lower), 15 characters (upper)


Longest: Gluconoacetobacter (18 characters)
Shortest: Acetobacter (11 characters)
Average: 14.50 characters
Mode: 11 characters (lower), 18 characters (upper)


Longest: ActinopolysporineaePropionibacterineaeStreptosporangineae (19 characters)
Shortest: Frankineae (10 characters)
Average: 15.59 characters
Mode: 14 characters (lower), 17 characters (upper)


Longest: Methylobacterium dichloromethanicum subsp. dichloromethanicum (61 characters)
Shortest: Winkia neuii subsp. neuii (25 characters)
Average: 40.50 characters
Mode: 40 characters (lower), 40 characters (upper)

Subspecies epithet

Longest: Geobacillus thermodenitrificans subsp. thermodenitrificans (19 characters)
Shortest: Bifidobacterium longum subsp. suisCampylobacter lari subsp. lariClavibacter xyli subsp. xyliLactobacillus yamanashiensis subsp. maliLeifsonia xyli subsp. xyliNocardiopsis alba subsp. alba corrig.Streptococcus equi subsp. equiStreptococcus infantarius subsp. coli (4 characters)
Average: 9.69 characters
Mode: 9 characters (lower), 9 characters (upper)


Longest: Chromobacterieae (16 characters)
Shortest: Proteeae (8 characters)
Average: 12.17 characters
Mode: 12 characters (lower), 12 characters (upper)