The statistics refer to the public database after the last refresh (2020-06-04). Note that the internal database can be significantly larger at a given time point because as yet not all entries underwent the final quality check. More information on type-strain deposits in Biological Resource Centres (BRCs) is found on the culture collection page. Information on the International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes (ICNP) is provided on the nomenclature page. Validly published names of Cyanobacteria are mostly validly published under International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (ICN).

Names validly published under the ICNP

Category species: 19495
Category genus: 3403
Category subspecies: 683
Category family: 540
Category order: 246
Category class: 123
Category tribe: 24
Category suborder: 22
Category subclass: 7
Category subgenus: 2

Names validly published under the ICNP, w/o synonyms

Category species: 16552
Category genus: 3183
Category family: 489
Category subspecies: 470
Category order: 222
Category class: 92
Category tribe: 24
Category suborder: 22
Category subclass: 7
Category subgenus: 2

Candidatus names

Category species: 417
Category phylum: 63
Category genus: 61
Category family: 15
Category order: 9
Category class: 6
Category subspecies: 4
Category superphylum: 1

Other not validly published names

Category species: 1770
Category genus: 250
Category family: 64
Category subspecies: 59
Category phylum: 52
Category order: 22
Category class: 18
Category subphylum: 9
Category uncategorized: 8
Category suborder: 4
Category subclass: 4
Category superclass: 2
Category kingdom: 2
Category subkingdom: 2
Category infrakingdom: 2
Category domain: 2
Category superphylum: 1

Names validly published under the ICN

Category species: 594
Category genus: 344
Category family: 44
Category order: 7
Category subspecies: 5
Category class: 1

Additional information

Type-strain deposits: 77990
Type-strain deposits in BRCs: 62250
Type-strain deposits in active BRCs: 57677
Type-strain deposits in linked BRCs: 49091
Taxonomic notes: 26480
Publications: 21352
16S rRNA gene accession numbers: 18678
Emendations: 4363
Last covered IJSEM issue: 70/05 (May 2020), number of IJSEM lists: 2