Species named after locations O-S

Numerous adjectives have an ending in -ensis -is (masculine or feminine gender) or in -ense (neuter gender). All these adjectives are declined according to the third declension and their stems are obtained by removing the letters is or e. For example, the stem of the neo-Latin adjective aarhusensis (masculine gender), aarhusensis (feminine gender), aarhusense (neuter gender) is aarhusens-. These adjectives are used to form species or subspecies epithets [Rule 12c (1), Rule 13b] from geographic locations. Some of these "locations" are acronyms of institutions. One part of the species names found in LPSN and unambiguously derived in that manner are listed below, arranged by the location to which they are referring. See also the LPSN introductory page on forming names.

In the case of a new combination these epithets must be adapted to the gender of the genus name: -ensis (masculine), -ensis (feminine) or -ense (neuter). This is a special case of Group B adjectives ending in -is (masculine), -is (feminine) and -e (neuter).

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