Name: "Natranaeroarchaeum" Sorokin et al. 2021

Category: Genus

Proposed as: gen. nov.

Gender: neuter (stem: Natranaeroarchae-)

Type species: "Natranaeroarchaeum sulfidigenum" Sorokin et al. 2021

16S rRNA gene: Analyse FASTA

Original publication: Sorokin DY, Messina E, Smedile F, La Cono V, Hallsworth JE, Yakimov MM. Carbohydrate-dependent sulfur respiration in halo(alkali)philic archaea. Environ Microbiol 2021; 23:3789-3808.

Nomenclatural status: not validly published


Number of child taxa with a validly published and correct name: 0
Number of child taxa with a validly published name, including synonyms: 0
Total number of child taxa: 3

Parent taxon: [Halobacteriales, not assigned to family]

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Record number: 29504
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