Name: Methanomicrobiaceae Balch and Wolfe 1981

Category: Family

Proposed as: fam. nov.

Etymology: N.L. neut. n. Methanomicrobium, type genus of the family; L. fem. pl. n. suff. -aceae, ending to denote a family; N.L. fem. pl. n. Methanomicrobiaceae, the Methanomicrobium family

Gender: feminine

Type genus: Methanomicrobium Balch and Wolfe 1981

Effective publication: Balch WE, Fox GE, Magrum LJ, Woese CR, Wolfe RS. Methanogens: reevaluation of a unique biological group. Microbiol Rev 1979; 43:260-296.

IJSEM list: Anonymous. Validation list no. 6. Validation of publication of new names and new combinations previously effectively published outside the IJSB. Int J Syst Bacteriol 1981; 31:215-218.

Nomenclatural status: validly published under the ICNP

Taxonomic status: correct name


Number of child taxa with a validly published and correct name: 6
Number of child taxa with a validly published name, including synonyms: 6
Total number of child taxa: 6

Parent taxon: Methanomicrobiales Balch and Wolfe 1981

Assigned by: Boone DR, Whitman WB, Koga Y. Family I. Methanomicrobiaceae Barker 1956, 15AL emend. Balch and Wolfe in Balch, Fox, Magrum, Woese and Wolfe 1979, 268. In: Boone DR, Castenholz RW, Garrity GM (eds), Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology, second edition, vol. 1 (The Archaea and the deeply branching and phototrophic Bacteria), Springer-Verlag, New York, 2001, p. 247.

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