Requests for an Opinion

See the glossary entry on Requests for an Opinion for background information. The following list of Requests for an Opinion only includes pending requests published after the apperance of the Approved Lists (1980). It also includes comments by third parties on Requests for an Opinion. Requests for an Opinion for which the Judicial Commission already published a Judicial Opinion are listed together with these Judicial Opinions. An overview on nomenclature is given on a separate page. The list below is sorted in order of appearance, decreasingly. Note that for technical reasons accents and umlauts in the names of authors may not be shown in the subheadings.

Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2024; 74:6251. "Is the bacterial genus name Rhodococcus Zopf 1891 illegitimate? Request for an Opinion." Affected taxon names: Rhodococcus.

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