Name: "Cloaca" Castellani and Chalmers 1919

Category: Genus

Proposed as: gen. nov.

Etymology: L. fem. n. Cloaca

Gender: feminine (stem: Cloac-)

Type species: "Cloaca cloacae" (Jordan 1890) Castellani and Chalmers 1919

Original publication: Castellani A, Chalmers AJ. Manual of Tropical Medicine. William Wood And Company, New York, 1919.

Nomenclatural status: not validly published

Taxonomic status: synonym (and no standing)

Correct name: Enterobacter Hormaeche and Edwards 1960 (Approved Lists 1980)


Number of child taxa with a validly published and correct name: 0
Number of child taxa with a validly published name, including synonyms: 0
Total number of child taxa: 1

Parent taxon: Enterobacteriaceae Rahn 1937 (Approved Lists 1980)

Assigned by: Adeolu M, Alnajar S, Naushad S, S Gupta R. Genome-based phylogeny and taxonomy of the 'Enterobacteriales': proposal for Enterobacterales ord. nov. divided into the families Enterobacteriaceae, Erwiniaceae fam. nov., Pectobacteriaceae fam. nov., Yersiniaceae fam. nov., Hafniaceae fam. nov., Morganellaceae fam. nov., and Budviciaceae fam. nov. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2016; 66:5575-5599.

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