Genders of generic names


The author is very grateful to Dr. B.J. Tindall (DSMZ) and to Dr. N. Weiss (DSMZ) for their helpful comments.




Some examples of genders of generic names or of their last components

List of generic names in the masculine, feminine or neuter gender

Genders not found or uncertain genders



A specific epithet or a subspecific epithet, treated as an adjective, must agree in gender with the generic name [Rules 12c and 13b]. For the correct formation of specific and subspecific epithets treated as adjectives, it is therefore necessary to know the gender of the genus name or of its last component.
See the file Latin and neo-Latin adjectives or participle adjectives used as specific or subspecific epithets (J.P. Euzéby & B.J. Tindall).